Tough as nails.
Green as grass.

RevBag can liners are made with up to 97% certified PCR resin. We offer liners in a variety of colors, sizes and thickness to meet every application and performance requirement. Explore our family of eco-friendly products, and find the right can liner for your business.

Our Product Lines


Utility Grade Can Liners. Our EcoMax liners are an ideal solution for most commercial offices, school facilities and other business environments. They contain up to 70% PCR, are available in multiple colors, and are available in .3mil - .7mil to handle any type of waste from broken glass to food waste.  View All EcoMax Liners


High Performance Can Liners. Loadmaster liners are among the strongest commercial trash bags available. Guaranteed not to leak, tear or puncture easily, these heavy-duty liners hold up even when filled to capacity. In fact, a 1.1mil Loadmaster bag can easily replace most other 2mil bags - it's no wonder they've become the industry standard in tough, eco-friendly waste solutions.  View All Loadmaster Products


Heavy Post-Consumer Content Can Liners. The greenest, strongest can liner out there. Made with up to 97% certified post-consumer content, Hercules liners are ideal for tough waste management that also requires high amounts of recycled content. These bags offer the highest load capacity in the industry and can be used for agricultural, chemical, mining, consumer goods, and more.  View All Hercules Products

Draw Pro

Drawtape Can Liners. Our versatile Draw Pro can liners are perfect for bars, kitchens, catered events, and more. These recycled bags combine all the benefits of a traditional RevBag can liner but in a convenient drawtape style. For added durability, Draw Pro liners are designed with no bottom seal and are built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, while also offering up to 30% more waste storage per bag and hassle-free disposal.  View All Draw Pro Products